We carry a vast selection of blanks for a variety of locks. Customers have the option of using cylinder or mortice keys to gain access to the front and back doors, double-glazed windows and doors, padlocks, and safes. Duplicate keys can be cut within 20 minutes, making the procedure fast and convenient for our clients.

We offer the following key cutting services:

  • Security key cutting 
  • Key cutting for garage door locks
  • Key cutting fot Patio door locks 
  • Key cutting for uPVC door locks
  • Key cutting for offices 
  • Key cutting for offices 
  • Car key cutting 
  • Cutting window lock keys

Security key cutting

IDN car Chelsea locksmith is the place to go if you need security keys made for your home, business, or other commercial property. Our expert security key cutting service involves key cutting for simple first-level security keys to master suite systems that are complex.

Key Cutting for garage door locks

Need keys made for your garage? IDN Chelsea Locksmith has the perfect key-cutting machinery for cutting garage keys. Our expert key-cutting service includes everything from simple keys to unique keys for your garage locks.

Key cutting for Patio door locks

If you have misplaced your patio door keys, contact IDN Chelsea Locksmith for an instant quote. As expert locksmiths, we can replace any patio door locks and keys within 30 minutes with our emergency team of locksmiths, available 24/7.

Key Cutting for UPVC door locks 

uPVC Multipoint locks are the safest locks on the market, and if you lose a key, IDR Chelsea Locksmith has the best tools to make a new one. Contact us to get an instant quote. Our expert emergency team can replace uPVC multipoint locks within 30 minutes and is available 24/7.  

Key cutting for offices

Car key cutting 

Cutting window lock keys

IDN Locksmith Chelsea has the most up-to-date tools for cutting keys. We can cut perfect keys in 3 to 5 minutes.