Locksmith Prices Near Me In Chelsea, UK

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, place of business, or car, you understand how important a 24-hour locksmith in Chelsea can be. And for most individuals, the first thought that crosses their minds is, “How much does a locksmith cost near me?”

However, the costs are not independent. How much an emergency locksmith will charge you depends on various circumstances. So, what should a locksmith charge? And where can you get inexpensive locksmiths or affordable pricing for an emergency auto locksmith? 

Below is a briefing on the prices of some of our services.  You can be assured that none of our locksmith rates includes a call-out fee.

Car Locksmith Prices Near You

Some of the most popular services include car locksmith services. The costs vary per service and range from £55 to £120. However, Locksmith Chelsea is the professional to contact if you want affordable car locksmith pricing.

1. Car Key Replacement Price

Here is a cost guide for new automobile keys to assist you, regardless of whether you unintentionally misplaced your keys, the buttons on your keys broke, the key itself was damaged, or you just wanted to replace your keys at the same time as your car locks.

While you may reserve a replacement vehicle key for £95.00, the cost of replacing a car key depends on several different criteria. For example, the price of replacing a smart car key may vary depending on what you want and need. Other elements influencing the price of replacing a car key include:

  • Make and model of your car- Your car’s make and model impact the price of replacements since each automaker uses a unique set of car key security measures. Additionally, the prices of various models under the same brand will vary.
  • Your location- This is because costs vary based on where you are, from franchise to franchise.
  • Types of car keys and replacement costs- The cost of replacing your automobile key depends on the type of key you require. The pricing and procedure vary depending on whether you need a remote or non-remote vehicle key or just a new car key shell.

2. Car Key Programming Price

Programming car keys is a practical fix. The driver is given access to and usage of their automobile once more when a current blank chip is placed and adjusted to the vehicle. It can program various keys, including flip keys with key cards, remote key fobs (with and without key blades), and integrated transponder chips.

Depending on the make and model of your automobile, the programming cost of a key may vary. The process is necessary to program the fob you need and relies on the make, model, and year of your car in the end.

Typically, you should budget between £50 and £200. However, you may reserve programming for a car key for £65.00.

3. Locked Out Of The Car Price Near Me

You might hire a locksmith to open your automobile if locked out. The Master Locksmiths Association estimates that this service will cost a minimum of £75. Book a car unlocking service for £55.00. However, the price varies on the following factors:

  • Vehicle Model
  • The distance travelled by the locksmith
  • Time of the day

4. Ignition Repair Price

In many modern cars, pushing the keyless ignition button triggers the ignition lock cylinder in place of inserting a key. Turning the key in an ignition lock cylinder-equipped vehicle will first turn on the radio and lights, then the gas and ignition, and ultimately start the engine. A transponder is utilized to start the electrical system in a keyless ignition.

The price to replace an ignition switch in the UK varies by automobile model, manufacturer, and internal ignition barrel construction. Book a vehicle ignition repair with us for £120.00. Here are some symptoms to watch out for if you’re unsure when to fix your ignition or when it has to be replaced:

  • Stalls- If your ignition switch is damaged, your car can stall. If it happens while driving, it might be pretty dangerous.
  • Key is stuck- It might be time to replace the cylinder and key if your key feels too slack or is too challenging to spin. Additionally, you ought to check the ignition switch.
  • Car doesn’t ignite- If your car won’t start and you’ve made sure the battery isn’t the issue or that you haven’t left any lights on, the ignition switch is probably to blame.
  • Accessories not powered after starting the car- If this happens, there may be a problem with the ignition switch. Therefore, you should have a mechanic go over your automobile.

5. Car Keys Duplication Price

Your vehicle’s model is crucial because it directly affects the kind of key blank that is needed. If you require a key with extra features, drive a fancy vehicle, or have an extremely ancient car model, the key duplication cost may be much more. The remote control may also cause a price change. Order a duplicate car key for £85.00.

If one of your keys has been lost or stolen, key duplication is a fast and affordable way to replace it, but it isn’t the greatest solution. 

6. Broken Key Extraction Price

Most general tradespeople and homeowners don’t carry specialized equipment in their toolkits, but our professional locksmith does. Removing a car key stuck in the ignition can cost as much as £90. If your car key has broken off in the ignition, it will likely cost as much as £90 to replace it. Depending on the auto’s make and model, you can reserve our broken key extraction crew for £55.00.

Removing car keys trapped in the ignition MUST be done by a skilled auto locksmith; otherwise, the cost may increase for some auto models, such as VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Skoda). The cost of this kind of service, if done improperly, might exceed £300.

Nearest House Locksmith Prices

When you find yourself locked out of your house, your first instinct should be to call Locksmith Chelsea; the cost will depend on the type of lock. Prices can vary from £25 to £75. While certain locksmiths may charge a little more than others, our prices are guaranteed.

1. Lock Change Near Me Price

The cost of changing a lock varies depending on the lock, and installation is an additional £50. There are many different types of locks that we offer, including;

  • mortice locks
  • uPVC door locks
  • Yale locks
  • Standard mortice locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Smart locks
  • Digital locks
  • Standard rim locks
  • Lever mortice locks
  • Euro cylinder locks

Book with us at $25.00 for a lock change reservation.

2. Lock Repair Price

You should budget approximately £350 if you want to change all the locks in your house. This price depends on the number of locks in the building, the kind of locks you need to be installed, and the locksmith’s time spent on the job. You can make Lock repair appointments for £55.00.

3. Locked Out Of The House Price

Prices for emergency locksmith services vary depending on the amount of labor, the day, and the hour. In addition, a locksmith might be able to reset your lock combination if you’ve misplaced it without replacing or harming the lock. Finally, our locksmiths can change the lock and give you a new set of keys if you’ve lost your keys. Book if you are locked out of your property at £60.00.

4. Bedroom Lockout Price Near me

People frequently require a locksmith when they accidentally lock themselves out of their bedroom. The type of lock and the severity of the situation typically affect the price. You can make a reservation for £60.00 if you are locked out of the bedroom.

5. Repair of Burglary Damage Price

You might need to replace your doors, windows, and locks if they have sustained considerable damage. In that case, you might be able to get them fixed. In the event of an incident, schedule a £75.00 door repair. The following pricing ranges are typical for front door repairs or replacements:

  • Solid Wood Door Replacement- The cost to replace and install a wooden door at the front of your home ranges from £500 to £1,500.
  • Solid Wood Door Repair- Depending on the extent of the damage, a solid wood door fix will cost around £150 – £200.
  • Replacement UPVC Doors- A replacement UPVC door will typically cost between £350 and £700 to supply and install.
  • UPVC Door Frame Repair– The PVC door repair cost depends on the damage’s degree. An average PVC door frame repair costs between £145 and £225.
  • Pinewood Door Repair– Pine front door repairs often cost between £65 and £90.
  • Hardwood Window Replacement– Replacement of a wooden window will cost between £750 and £1,100 for a standard size.
  • Hardwood Window Frame Repair– Repairing a hardwood window frame will set you back between £200 and £250. Unless the harm is slight, in which case it will be less.
  • PVC Window Repair- Depending on the extent of the damage, the cost of repairing a uPVC window ranges from £85 to £150.
  • Lock Replacing– Lock replacements start at about £85 for a typical cylinder lock. If you have a mortice lock, you should budget around £115.

6. Broken key extraction Price

As a general rule, removing a recently damaged key caused by a user mistake from a functional lock shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Depending on the lock, you can reserve an extraction of a broken key for £55.00.

Commercial Locksmith Pricing 

Commercial locksmith fees range from £85 to £320. These are among the most expensive due to the lock system and level of security they provide, which raises the price of a lock change. Below is the pricing for some of the commercial services we offer at Locksmith Chelsea.

1. Access Control Systems Price

For your company, Locksmith Chelsea can offer high-quality electronic door entry and access solutions. We can take care of your fundamental Access Control needs, from single door entry keypads and proximity scanners to PC-based door systems.

The particular door may result in a higher price. For £250.00, you can order a professional access control system.

2. Adams Rite Deadbolt Price

Our business specializes in all Adams Rite deadbolt models and other door hardware items, providing top-notch security for any commercial establishment. There are many different types of Adam Rite door locks. This implies that our firm can install one customized to your scenario and provide higher security in any setting. Book an appointment for £95 to fix and repair an Adams rite deadbolt.

3. Commercial Door Closer Price

Locksmith Chelsea can assist you if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith company that can install business door closers. When we receive your request, we will thoroughly evaluate your needs, provide you with a quote, and finish your limitless supply of our service offer. The type of door closer might affect the price increase. Order a door closer installation or repair for £180.

4. Commercial Glass Replacement Price

In the unfortunate event that your business window glass breaks due to different circumstances, our locksmiths can replace it within 30 minutes. You can book a glass replacement for your business premises for £200.00.

5. Commercial Locks and Electric Strike Lock Price

No matter what kind of business you run or own, you can always rely on our professional locksmith company to provide you with the level of security you require. With Yale locks, we also have the most affordable locking solution available. Our costs are the most competitive in the market:

  • Book for commercial locks at £135.00. 
  • Book for an electric strike at £220.00

6. Full Surface Hinges Price

Locksmith Chelsea offers a wide range of business locksmith services in the UK and nearby locations if you require a locksmith for a full surface hinge service. We offer hinges at the lowest price in the UK. For £380.00, you can book hinges.

7. High-Security Systems Price

The best choice is unquestionably a professional installation from our business. Our experienced estimator will perform an initial site survey, talk with you about your security requirements, and recommend the best ways to safeguard your house. A customized written quote would then be given to you. Prices can vary depending on the type of door being used. Book us right away for £180.

8. Business Lockout Price

One of the most common reasons for calling a professional locksmith is a lockout. Emergency services, severe winter weather, or complicated locking mechanisms might incur an additional charge. Since every door is unique, the price may also vary. Book at £85 if you get locked out of your business.

9. Mortice Locks Price

These locks come in good quality and with high security. Depending on the brand and level of security, lock prices may fluctuate. If you require mortice locks, order for £90.

10. Multipoint Locks Price

These locks come in a variety of designs and  are interchangeable. For $320, you can book multipoint locks.


The price of a locksmith in London will vary depending on the lock you need to replace, the type of key that needs to be made, and whether you only need a new or old lock. Auto Pro Locksmith London is the place to go if you need a locksmith.

In no more than 25 minutes from when you get in touch with us, we’ll send one of our licensed and insured locksmiths your way. Your satisfaction is assured because our locksmiths have more than 12 years of expertise and are DBS-approved.

For the most affordable locksmith near me, call Auto Pro Locksmiths if you’re looking for trusted businesses that offer affordable key-cutting services.