IDN Chelsea Locksmith technicians are well-trained, highly experienced and affordable. Read on to learn more about what locksmith services we offer.

Have you broken or misplaced your keys and need a replacement? Don’t worry! IDN Chelsea Locksmith has got your back. 

At IDN Chelsea Locksmith, we offer professional locksmith services in Chelsea and the nearby areas. 

We specialize in both residential and commercial key placement and cutting services. Our specialist team of emergency locksmiths is well-equipped with cutting technology. We are aware of the latest developments in high security, electronic, and other high-tech locksmith systems. 

Key Cutting Service

We carry a vast selection of blanks for a variety of locks. Customers have the option of using cylinder or mortice keys to gain access to the front and back doors, double-glazed windows and doors, padlocks, and safes. Duplicate keys can be cut within 20 minutes, making the procedure fast and convenient for our clients.

We offer the following key cutting services:

  • Security key cutting 
  • Key cutting for garage door locks
  • Key cutting fot Patio door locks 
  • Key cutting for uPVC door locks
  • Key cutting for offices 
  • Key cutting for offices 
  • Car key cutting 
  • Cutting window lock keys

Security key cutting

IDN Chelsea Locksmith is the place to go if you need security keys made for your home, business, or other commercial property. Our expert security key cutting service involves key cutting for simple first-level security keys to master suite systems that are complex.

Key Cutting for garage door locks

Need keys made for your garage? IDN Chelsea Locksmith has the perfect key-cutting machinery for cutting garage keys. Our expert key-cutting service includes everything from simple keys to unique keys for your garage locks.

Key cutting for Patio door locks

If you have misplaced your patio door keys, contact IDN Chelsea Locksmith for an instant quote. As expert locksmiths, we can replace any patio door locks and keys within 30 minutes with our emergency team of locksmiths, available 24/7.

Key Cutting for UPVC door locks 

uPVC Multipoint locks are the safest locks on the market, and if you lose a key, IDR Chelsea Locksmith has the best tools to make a new one. Contact us to get an instant quote. Our expert emergency team can replace uPVC multipoint locks within 30 minutes and is available 24/7.  

Key cutting for offices

Car key cutting 

Cutting window lock keys 

IDN Locksmith Chelsea has the most up-to-date tools for cutting keys. We can cut perfect keys in 3 to 5 minutes. 

Key Replacement

  • car key replacement 

Do you need a replacement car, van, or truck key? Call us, and our mobile locksmith will reach you in 20 to 30 minutes to replace your lost car key with a new one. 

IDN Chelsea has tools for cutting keys and programming remotes, so we can make replacements for all kinds of metal head keys, remote head keys, transponder keys, and fobs.

  • House Lock key replacement

Losing your house isn’t a problem now. Contact IDN Chelsea locksmith to get your house key replaced in 30 minutes. Our locksmiths are equipped with state of the art equipment and  offer quick service 24/7. Contact us now to get a quote. 

  • Office Key replacement

Lost your office’s key? Don’t worry, IDN Chelsea Locksmith is available around-the-clock, seven days a week. It is now possible for a professional from our 24-hour locksmith service to replace keys for locks of nearly any make and model. Your lost, broken, or jammed car key will be made on-site within minutes. 

Lockout Services

  • House Lockout
  • Apartment/flat lockout

Auto Locksmith

Lock Repair 

Locks can wear away over time, which can cause them to not function properly or break. The extremely cold weather conditions in Chelsea can make this worse and speed up the process. Having broken or malfunctioning locks can be concerning. The IDN Chelsea locksmith can come to your desired location and have your locks fixed. 

If the locks cannot be repaired, our team has a stock of new deadbolts, handles, mailbox locks, desk locks, file cabinet locks, and new handles. 

 As the most trusted nearby locksmith, trust IDN Chelsea Locksmith for all your lock repair needs in Chelsea and the surrounding areas.

Key Duplication And Key Copying

Lock Change 

  • Emergency house lock replacement near me
  • Lock Change cost in Chelsea

Key Extraction 

There are times when you can get a jammed or broken key when trying to lock or open your door. This will make it impossible to get into your house or business premise or make you unable to lock the door. Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Chelsea. They can help you get the broken key out and give you a new one. 

Break In Repair Services

Break-ins are devastating. However, the Locksmith Chelsea technicians are well-trained in break-in and door frame repair.  

The local locksmiths near me will help with the repairs if the frame or door is destroyed after a break-in and is repairable. They will help order a new door and frame if repairs are impossible. 

Mobile Locksmith Services

The locksmiths near me in Chelsea are licensed to provide mobile locksmith services in Chelsea.  

The locksmith technicians provide onsite services like lock rekeys, key cutting, automotive open-ups, door repair, master key systems, door reinforcement, and more. 

Why choose IDN Chelsea Locksmith?

We will provide you with trustworthy and reliable locksmith services at Locksmith Chelsea. You can always count on our services if you need to change a lock or rekey your business or home.  

Our skilled and friendly locksmiths will go above and beyond to make sure every job is done right. 


When you call Locksmith Chelsea, we will answer the phone and be there within 30 minutes. Our locksmiths will look at the situation and suggest the best way to get into your home or business. We guarantee the best price on all of our services and products and make sure that every customer is happy with them. Contact us today for more information on the services we offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The key cutting technicians will collect spare keys, take them to be cut, and return them at your preferred time.

Yes, all the technicians are insured. You will not be in danger in the event of any accident during the lock repair services.

Before we make a reservation, we always give a detailed quote that includes VAT, parts, travel fees, and any other costs. You can also request a quote for waste disposal.

Rekeying is much cheaper due to the low cost of important lock pins.

Changing the basic cylinders takes between 10 and 20 minutes. Full UPVC door lock repair will take between 20 and 40 minutes. Changing locks will take 30 to 45 minutes.